The Range of use of mobile power

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The Range of use of mobile power

1.Mobile phone charging:

I believe that most of the friends who buy mobile power are in order to act as backup power for mobile phones, because mobile power also has many friends called mobile phone power, which means that it has deep roots in mobile phones. In 2013, the mobile power on the market also provided various interfaces for different cell phone interface requirements, especially mobile phones such as iPhone and Meizu MX.

2. tablet computer:

The 2013 popular tablet computer, gorgeous screen, have a fever level configuration to the tablet computer needs more power, many manufacturers also improved saving method, but so far, I'm afraid a lot of people or for the tablet computer standby time is a headache, and mobile power is undoubtedly a good solution.

3. digital camera, camera:

In 2013 the pursuit of quality of life, love to travel, tourism is not the photography and filming, but many cameras and camera battery capacity really flattered, like a camera in hand, the memory card is 4G, not as full of pictures, the battery no electricity, out there must be some attractions can not as a souvenir. In 2013, some cameras supported the charging of the mobile power supply. As long as they carried a mobile power supply, it was convenient to solve the regret of the lack of electricity.

4. other compatible devices

In fact, as long as the charging voltage is 5V and the current is within the acceptable range of the mobile power, all devices can be powered by mobile devices, so long as there are related charging interfaces, they can use mobile power to charge.

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