The relationship between the capacity of a mobile power supply and the number of actual charging

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The relationship between the capacity of a mobile power supply and the number of actual charging

Mobile power charging for mobile phone is not only a simple capacity divided by capacity, but many people will also get into a misunderstanding. Since all mobile power sources need to experience the above process, the higher the conversion capacity of mobile power is, the better and more practical it will be.

1. Actual power

The electric core standard voltage of commercially available mobile power is generally maintained at about 3.7V, so the actual power of 10000 Ma mobile power is 3.7V * 10000mAh=37Wh, and mobile phone charging voltage is 5V, according to the law of conservation of energy, the mobile power output current boost for 5V state, the mobile power capacitor is 37000Wh. 5V=7400mAh.

Two. Conversion rate

The final energy here 7400 Ma is not the process of charging for mobile phone, mobile phone in the mobile power supply, circuit board and boost security chip operation will consume a part of electricity, so mobile power conversion rate is generally about 85%, according to 85%, the mobile power supply actual output maximum power is 7400mAh * 85%=6290mAh.

Three. Environmental impact and wire loss

Then the mobile phone can get the electricity is not above the 6290mAh, because of the impact of air humidity and temperature environment, mobile power in the process for charging the mobile phone will have a part of the loss, and the data line itself in the process of transmission of energy will be produced because of resistance and loss part of electricity, it will eventually get to mobile phone battery will be lower than 6290mAh.

Four. Cell phone itself Depressurization

Power and mobile power mobile phone battery are maintained at about 3.7V in the mobile phone itself for a buck therefore mobile power transmission over the power will no doubt, this process will lose some power, this is also the reason why many mobile phone charging time may have a fever.

Five. The operating state of the mobile phone

In addition to the depressurization, the status of the mobile phone in the charging process also affects the actual charging times of the mobile power supply. If in the process of charging, mobile phone is playing games, watching videos, listening to music, reading novels such as high power consumption, the actual number will further affect the mobile power for charging the mobile phone; if mobile phone in daily standby state, the actual charging times also have effect.

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