The scope of China's 3C certification

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The scope of China's 3C certification

3C certification is actually the English abbreviation of the English name "China Compulsory Certification" (China Compulsory Product Certification System), and it is also a unified symbol of the national compulsory product certification. As the national safety certification (CCEE), import safety license system (CCIB), China Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC) three with a "CCC" certification authority, and the State Administration of quality inspection China is a sign of advanced recognition standards and international supervision committee, has irreplaceable importance.

 It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by our government in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international general rules to protect consumers' life and safety of animals and plants, protect the environment and protect national security. Its main characteristics are: the state announces a unified catalogue, determines unified and applicable national standards, technical rules and implementation procedures, formulates unified logo marks and stipulates unified charging standards. Products that are included in the mandatory product certification catalogue must be certified by the designated certification bodies of the state.

 After obtaining the relevant certificates and applying the certification marks, they will be able to go out, import, sell and operate in the service places. The first batch of products that must be approved by China have nineteen categories and one hundred and thirty-two categories. It mainly includes wire and cable, low voltage electrical apparatus, information technology equipment, safety glass, fire fighting products, motor vehicle tires, latex products and so on.

General 3C logo affixed to the product surface, or by molding pressure on the product, look carefully will find a small diamond shaped "CCC" markings. Each 3C sign has a random code behind each of the random codes, and each random code has its own manufacturer and product. When issuing the mandatory product certification mark, the certification mark issuance and management center has input the corresponding product into the computer database, and consumers can query the code through the national certification and Inspection Commission's mandatory product certification mark anti-counterfeiting query system.

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