The scope of China's 3C certification of The first batch of products to implement mandatory product certification

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The scope of China's 3C certification------The first batch of products to implement mandatory product certification

1. Wire and cable (altogether 5 kinds)

Wire assemblies, mining rubber sheathed flexible cables, AC rated voltage 3kV and below railway rolling stock wire and cable, rated voltage 450/750V and below rubber insulated wire and cable, rated voltage 450/750 V and below PVC insulated wire and cable.

Two, circuit switch and installation of electrical equipment for protection or connection (6 kinds)

The coupler (and similar appliances for household and industry), plug and socket (and similar domestic, industrial, thermal fuse), miniature fuse cartridge fuse, household and similar fixed electrical installations, switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations for enclosures

Three, low voltage electrical apparatus (9 kinds)

Leakage protection, circuit breaker (including RCCB, RCBO, MCB), low voltage switch, fuse (isolator, isolating switch, fuse box) and other circuit protection devices [Protector: limiter circuit protection, overcurrent protection, thermal protector, overload relay, low voltage electrical contactor, relay, motor starter (36V< & 1000V, voltage) other switch (switch, vacuum switch, pressure switch, proximity switch, foot switch, temperature switch, level switch, button switch, limit switch, micro switch, tumbler switch, temperature switch, limit switch, switch, automatic conversion switch, knife switch), other devices (Contactors and motor starters, signal lamp, auxiliary contact module, master controller, AC semiconductor motor controller and a start Low voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear

Four. Small power motors (1 kinds of) small power motors

Five, electric tools (16 kinds)

Drill (including impact drill), Electric Screwdrivers and impact wrenches, electric grinder, sander, circular saws, electric hammer (including electric), non flammable liquid electric gun, electric scissors (including double electric scissors, electric punching), tapping machine, reciprocating saws (including jigsaw, Dao Ju), inserted into the concrete vibrator, electric chain saw, planer, electric shears and electric shears, bakelite milling and trimming machine, electric stone cutting machine (including marble cutting machine)

Six, electric welding machine (15 kinds)

Small AC arc welder, AC arc welder, DC arc welding, TIG arc welding machine, MIG/MAG arc welding, submerged arc welding machine, plasma cutting machine, plasma arc welding, arc welding transformer, electric shock proof device of welding cable couplers, resistance welding machine, welding wire feeding device, TIG welding torch, MIG/MAG welding torch, welding tongs

Seven, household and similar use equipment (18 kinds)

1. household refrigerators and food freezers: effective volume in 500 litres, frozen for household or similar use with or without a frozen food storage refrigerator, food storage box and food freezers and their combinations of 2. electric fan: AC and DC electric fan for household and similar use 3. air conditioning cooling capacity of not more than 21000 kcal / h for household and similar use of air conditioner compressor motor 4.: closed input power for household and similar use in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment (below 5000W full closed and semi closed type compressor motor) - 5. household electric washing machine, washing clothes with or without water heating device, dehydration device or a clothes drying apparatus of electric washing machine 6. electric water heater: the water heated to the boiling point of the fixed water storage type and fast electric water heater room 7. Internal heater: household and similar electrical radiant heaters, plate heater, liquid heater, fan heater, convection heater, tubular heater 8. vacuum cleaner having suction dust or liquid, vacuum cleaner 9. skin by series commutator motor or DC motor and hair care appliance: used as human or animal skin or hair care appliances with electric heating components: 10. electric irons for household and similar use dry iron and wet (steam) electric iron 11.: electromagnetic stove for household and similar use electromagnetic heating stove, which can contain one or more electromagnetic heating element 12. the oven includes: the rated capacity of not more than 10 litres for household and similar use electric ovens, toasters, waffles and similar appliances 13. electric Flapjack mode Food processing equipment: multifunctional food processing device 14. microwave oven electric household food processing machines and similar household appliances electromagnetic energy at frequencies above 300MHz one or more I.S.M. band to heat the food and beverage, it can with coloring function and function of 15. steam cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances. Including home ranges, separated fixed oven, stove, electric cooker, electric cooker, desktop stove grill pan and built-in oven, grill Hood: 16. is installed on the upper part of a cooking appliance and a stove at home, with a fan, electric lamp and controller for household appliances such as pumping out 17. liquid heater and water dispenser the kitchen fume 18. electric cooker: automatic heat preservation type or timing electric cooker using electric heating element

Eight, audio and video equipment class (excluding radio class audio equipment and car audio equipment) (16 kinds)

The total output power in 500W (RMS) following the single speaker and speaker speaker, audio power amplifier, tuner, radio broadcast band, various forms of audio and video recording, playback and processing equipment (including all kinds of CD tape carrier form), and combination of the above device for audio and video equipment. The power adapter, a variety of imaging modalities for color TV receivers, monitor (not including TV receivers for cars), TV receiver, picture and other monochrome black-and-white television receiver (showing) tube, video recorder, satellite television receiver, electronic organ, antenna amplifier, sound and television signals cable distribution system equipment and components

Nine, information technology equipment (12 kinds)

Micro computer, portable computer, connected with computer display equipment, printing equipment connected with computer, multi-purpose print copier, scanner and computer built-in power adapter and charger, computer games, learning machines, copiers, servers, finance and trade settlement equipment.

Ten, lighting equipment (2 kinds) (excluding lighting equipment with voltage below 36V) lamps and ballasts

Eleven, telecommunications terminal equipment (9) modems, fax machines, fixed telephone terminal (ordinary telephone, caller ID telephone, card management telephone, telephone recording, telephone, telephone card and coin intelligent IC card public telephone, hands-free telephone, digital telephone, telephone, cordless telephone terminal device) (analog cordless telephone digital cordless telephone (phone) group, group telephone, telephone conference operator), mobile user terminals (mobile phones, analog GSM digital cellular mobile station (hand holding machine and other terminal equipment), CDMA (digital cellular mobile handset and other terminal equipment), ISDN (terminal), NT1 (network terminal equipment NT1+), the terminal adapter (TA) card) and data terminal (store and forward fax / voice card, POS terminal , interface converter, network hub, other data terminal), multimedia terminal (videophone, conference TV terminal, information on demand terminal, and other multimedia terminals).

Twelve, motor vehicles and safety accessories (4 kinds)

(1) vehicles: M, N and O vehicles (two) on roads and urban roads: Motorcycles: motorcycle exhaust volume exceeding 50cc or motorcycles with maximum design speed exceeding 50Km/h (three) automobile and motorcycle parts: automobile safety belts and motorcycle engines.

Thirteen, motor vehicle tires (3 kinds)

(1): car tire tire (car tire, car tire), truck tires (mini truck tires, light truck tires, medium / heavy truck tyres) (two): motorcycle tires (motorcycle tire code series, metric series, light series, scooter Series)

Fourteen. Safe glass (3 kinds)

Automotive safety glass (laminated glass, B laminated glass, area tempered glass, toughened glass), building safety glass (laminated glass, toughened glass), safety glass for railway vehicle (laminated glass, toughened glass, safety hollow glass).

Fifteen. Agricultural machinery products (1 kinds)

Plant protection machinery (back mounted spray machine), back type powder jet machine (device), back spray spray powder machine)

Sixteen, latex (a total of 1 kinds) rubber condoms

Seventeen. Medical device products (7 kinds)

Medical X ray diagnostic equipment, hemodialysis device, hollow fiber dialyzer, extracorporeal circulation pipeline, electrocardiograph, implantable cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart lung machine.

Eighteen, fire protection products (3 total) fire alarm equipment (fire alarm point type smoke detector, heat sensitive point type fire alarm detectors, fire alarm controller, fire control equipment, manual fire alarm button), fire hose, fire sprinkler sprinkler equipment (spray head, wet alarm valve, water flow indicator, fire pressure switch)

Nineteen, security technology and preventive products (1 kinds) intrusion detectors (indoor microwave Doppler detectors, active infrared intrusion detectors, indoor passive infrared detectors, microwave and passive infrared intrusion detectors).

Note that the 3C logo and not quality mark, and only one of the most basic safety certification, some indicators it represents the safety and quality of qualified products, but it does not mean that the product performance is also excellent, so the purchase of goods in addition to see if it has no 3C logo, other indicators are important.

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