The specification of parameters for custom data lines should be complete

- Sep 30, 2017 -

With the era development, life such as apparel/gifts/food and other products can be customized production according to the demand, in the top 10 technology change the future, customized production has been ranked the first place, its market position is more and more recognized by people, a lot of people think cable custom very troublesome, don't know the specific requirements. The custom data line is not so complicated, so long as you clear a few basic points, you can clearly complete the data line customization.

The data line customization mainly involves the following four aspects:
1. Requirements of data line specification parameters
2. Minimum order MOQ requirements
3. Payment and other transaction requirements
4. Patent certification and other requirements

In these four cable customized production requirements, most of the friends doubt mainly cable specification requirements, don't know what to provide the specific parameters, then today would need to note the parameter list of a unified, for your reference:
1. Wire specification/length/color
2. Plug specification color
3. Shell specification/color
4. Glue specification/color
5, cable tie
7. Winding size
8. Packaging
9. Packaging specifications
10. Other requirements

To figure out the specific parameters and requirements of these aspects, it is easy to customize the data line. Therefore, there are some people who are not aware of the custom requirements, which can be compared in comparison with the above aspects, so it is easy and easy to communicate.

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