The technical principle of the mobile power supply

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The technical principle of the mobile power supply

core technology

The core technology of mobile power lies in smoothing whether the discharge current and voltage of a cell phone are charged. It is closely related to whether it will damage the important technical indicators of the charging device. The discharge curve test must look at the authoritative inspection report of the third party.

For mobile power, it has a certain emergency function. When many digital power cannot be stored, it can be powered by some devices to make digital products work well. Such as the market solar power supply, the mobile power supply of the hand generator and the standby power of the smart machine.

The craft of mobile power means that the design of the product has joined the consumer's public or the audience's aesthetic view. As portable and functional electronic products, consumers are very concerned about their appearance and aesthetics. Therefore, mainstream manufacturers are not only increasing the technological innovation of battery power management, but also increasing the appearance of products that conform to the aesthetic standards of consumers.

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