The use of emergency charger for mobile phone

- Jan 17, 2018 -

The use of emergency charger for mobile phone

Take the emergency charger of the mobile phone as an example:

Only a number of 5 batteries can provide sufficient power for the mobile phone.

The specific use method is as follows:

1, unscrew the charger bottom cover, load a section No. 5 battery, pay attention to the right direction.

2, choose the appropriate connection line to connect with the mobile phone.

3, insert the other end of the connection line into the charger's output terminal.

4. When the indicator on the charger is bright, it is normal charging. It does not show that it is not charged or full of electricity.

5, you can call while charging.

Charging for 90-180 minutes, the power of a section five battery can be turned into a cell phone battery. According to the mobile phone and the network condition, it can make the phone standby for about 12 hours.

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