The use of the mobile data cable is as follows

- Dec 25, 2017 -

The use of the mobile data line is as follows:

For some large memory mobile phone, using MMC /TF/MINI SD / SD card machines, can use the data line on the computer as U disk to send you need MP3 ringtones, pictures, videos, 3GP movies, documents, computer can also backup your important information to your mobile phone, so afraid of the loss of information and find don't worry.

The data line connection notebook computer and the GPRS mobile phone realize wireless Internet, send and receive mail, chat with the data line and the computer. At present, there are several kinds of data lines in the mobile phone market: the first one, MBUS: low transmission rate, which is mainly suitable for maintenance and unlocking software. 

The second, FBUS is mainly used for wireless Internet, ringtones, pictures, games and other transmission. 

The third is DKU-5: high speed data transmission function, complex data line and high manufacturing cost, but supports powerful supporting software and high-speed Internet access. 

Fourth, FLASH: some in addition to connecting computers, transmitting pictures, ringtones, and can also be used for maintenance and upgrading. But most of the market can only be used for maintenance and upgrading, the replacement of the software version of the mobile phone, which is equivalent to the reinstallation of the computer system.

Mobile phone personality picture, ringtone upload and download. By downloading the website pictures and ringtone files into the computer, we transmit the ringtones, pictures and other files stored in the computer to the phone memory by using the mobile data line. 

So you have a mobile phone data line, your cell phone can change your favorite ringtones and pictures at any time. The self repair of the mobile BUG, the upgrade of the version of the machine software.

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