There are several reasons why cellular data lines connect to a computer

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Above all, want to see yourself with what is the mobile phone, now most of them are smart phone, of course, some people still in use the old machine, if is the old phone after connect the computer to install the driver on the computer is done, generally when to buy mobile phones have built-in CD, the PC suite in the drive.
The first one: cell phone Settings
After today's smart phones to connect the computer with usb data cable, cell phone will be set up to data transmission, the specific setting method will be different for each cell phone, according to the inside of the tip or the instruction set is ok.
Second: the phone's data line is broken.
Should be connected to the computer after a bit, it is possible that the cable is broken, smart phones with computer after there will be light, if light is not on, that is no connection between the computers and mobile phones. Cable zoom in for a long time poor contact is out of order, so suggest common cable useless when preserved better, joint don't run into water, try to choose good quality when buying mobile phone cable, such as with the circular headphone cables, charging and data transmission will be faster.
Third type: host front USB interface is not available
If it is a desktop computer are front USB ports, front USB interface is through the cable connected to computer motherboards, USB connection mouth is loose or installed is not plug in front USB can't use, but this kind of situation very little. The front USB of the computer host is not usually caused by the lack of power supply and so on, so you can try to connect the phone data cable to the USB.
4: the USB interface is blocked after the chassis.
If it's not possible to plug in the back USB, there's a larger possibility that the BIOS Settings block the USB port and set it to the BIOS. The computer that normally USES oneself does not have this circumstance, only the net bar will block the USB interface, if it is in the net bar to connect a network tube is ok.

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