These five points teach you how to choose a reliable data line

- Jan 02, 2018 -

These five points teach you how to choose a reliable data line

1. Data line material

Currently on the market data line with nylon, TPE, metal preparation, mercerized cotton and so on. TPE is the more common plastic, metal preparation of the most expensive, but also not easy to bend. The mercerized cotton and nylon more smooth, feel better.

2. Plug material

Plug material is aluminum, pc, zinc alloy. Data line sales point of view, on the market zinc alloy plugs are more popular, consumer feedback better.

3. The number of copper cores

We all know that the thicker the wire, the smaller the resistance, and the same is the data line. The same specifications of the core, the greater the number, the smaller the resistance, the faster the natural charge. For example, 70 copper wire core than the average of 20 affirmative to be much faster.

4. Can withstand current

The larger the current, the faster the charge. If a 1A data cable, you use 2A charging head, not only can not quickly charge, but also very likely to burn the phone or charging head. Because the 1A line can not withstand the current 2A.

5. Smart chip

Data line charging, in addition to its own strength, the chip is also very important! The chip is equivalent to the heart of the data line. The chip is not good, other needless to say.

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