Three modes of fast charging technology

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Three modes of fast charging technology

1. high voltage constant current mode

The charging process of general mobile phone, the first 220V voltage to 5V voltage charger, 5V charger voltage drop to 4.2V battery voltage. During the whole charging process, if the voltage is increased and the heat is generated, the charger will heat up and the cell phone will be hot. And the greater the power consumption, the greater the damage to the battery;

2. low voltage high current mode

The increase in current voltage certain circumstances, and can use the parallel circuit of shunt, constant voltage, after each parallel sharing circuit of pressure is small, had the same treatment in the mobile phone, the pressure under each circuit is small;

3. high voltage high current mode

This way while increasing the voltage and current, so the formula P=UI, we can know is that this is the best way to increase the power, but the increase in voltage will also have more energy, so the energy consumption is also increasing, and the voltage and current is not unlimited free to increase.

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