Tpe and PVC data line product comparison

- Sep 30, 2017 -

As we all know, many major manufacturers are willing to use TPE material as the material of cable products, such as apple data line is TPE material. Why are tpe data lines more popular with big-name manufacturers and more popular with consumers? What are the essential differences or performance differences between Tpe and PVC data lines?
First of all, the more environmental protection TPE cable, use the green environmental protection material is the development direction of wire and cable products export, which requires the material flame retardant system and all components are not contain halogen element such as F, Cl, Br, I, and heavy metals such as Cr, Cd, Hg, Pb, through the RoHS, PAHs, REACH standard, can meet the requirements of environmental protection, low toxicity test of Europe and America, at this point, TPE materials fully comply with this requirement.
Second, TPE cable safer, TPE mild touch soft, high elasticity, texture, surface gloss fog brightness can be adjusted, low smoke zero halogen, phosphorus, excellent oil resistance, weather resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to flexure, ozone and chemical properties, in actual use process more secure. Moreover, TPE products extrusion speed is fast, bright and smooth performance, in the actual production process of waste (escape burrs, waste rubber extrusion) easy to recycle the waste and finally appears, and this is also an effective remedy way of TPE, and the price is cost.
Of course, in terms of product price, the price of PVC material is more advantageous. But as people's living standards improve, more and more people are becoming more willing to choose products with better quality rather than simply focusing on product prices.

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