Type-C present situation introduction

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Type-C present situation introduction

By the end of July 2015 USB Type-C, some electronic devices have already used USB-C ports, such as apple New MacBook, NOKIA N1 Tablet PC, and some music videos.

Before USB-C into the universal stage, the user may have to wait 6 to 18 months, during this time, a part of the USB interface adapter will become a very popular mobile phone accessories, they will make new and old mobile phone computer well connected together for data transmission or charging.

Want to play all 3.1 USB performance through USB Type-C interface, the operating system changes is very necessary, although the music has mobile phone can be charged through the USB-C interface, but Google said that in the Android M before the official arrival, other devices are still unable to use this interface for charging.

Google also said that after the USB-C interface has officially entered the Android phone, the system will ask users which way to connect and whether they need to charge other devices after connecting. So far, companies such as Microsoft and BlackBerry have not formally declared.

USB Type C to USB2.0 data line charging line

The device is suitable for connecting the equipment with the USB type C interface to connect the existing USB charger charging and the computer host USB interface for data transmission.

USB Type-C interface USB type C to USB2.0 parent data line

It is suitable for New MacBook, USB Type C interface connecting mobile hard disk, U disk, keyboard and mouse, etc.

USB type C to mini USB data line charging line

It is suitable for data transmission and charging, which is connected to USB 2 T port and USB TYPE C. For example, Canon camera connects New MacBook to achieve data synchronous transmission.

USB type C to USB2.0 B data line

The computer suitable for the USB type C interface, such as apple New MacBook, connects the devices with the USB2.0 B interface interface, such as the square port printer, the square mouth camera and so on.

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