USB mobile phone data cable which material composition?

- Dec 29, 2017 -

USB mobile phone data cable which material composition?

Data lines have become an integral part of our daily lives, but do you really understand the lines that are used almost daily? Xiao Bian today from the material aspects for everyone to analyze in detail the small data line which contains the university asked.

As the average consumer for the most intuitive feeling of the data line material is that this line a bit hard, or a little soft, feel good, but in fact this different feel represents the data line is different from the outer material is the outer layer of the data line Although there are various types of data lines on the market at present, almost all the materials used for the outer pias are TPE, PVC and braided wire.

Among them, PVC is a commonly used material for most data lines. It has the characteristics of non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. However, at present, this kind of material data line has been abandoned by many mobile phone manufacturers, mainly because of the emergence of a better performance of the TPE outer material.

Simply put, TPE material is actually a kind of soft plastic material that can be processed and formed by the general thermoplastic molding machine. Its elasticity and toughness are greatly improved compared with the PVC material, but the most important thing is that the TPE is more environmentally friendly , Can be recycled to reduce costs. At present, the phone's original data line mostly uses TPE material.

However, we all know that even if Apple's original data line used for a long time there will be a burst of skin, so you want to use a new phone line is still difficult. But fortunately, the product has always been innovative, more durable and durable braided wire material data line came into being.

Braided wire material most of the data lines are made of nylon material, it is well known that nylon is a kind of clothing material, so the use of braided wire to make the material of the outer fold of the durability and durability of the material is naturally higher than the PVC and TPE materials, Unfortunately, the phone's original data line is still using the TPE material.

However, third-party parts makers have been gradually launched the material of the data line, and become more exquisite appearance can be. One of the most representative products is the woven nylon Nylon data line, the use of bright nylon wire material to do the braid, making the whole line glittering throughout the whole body, weak light in the room is also very easy to find its shadow.

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