What about the slow charging speed of the mobile phone

- Dec 28, 2017 -

What about the slow charging speed of the mobile phone? The reason and solution of the slow charging speed of the mobile phone

How to deal with the slow charging rate of mobile phone? The fat and fat of green tea bring the reason and solution of the slow charging rate of mobile phone. Many friends say that the rate of cell phone charging is getting slower and slower. What is the reason for this? See below.

1. charging plug

To charge the equipment, choose the charging plug. For example, using the iPhone plug to charge the iPad, the charging speed will be slow because the power of the plug is not used enough.

Most of the time, the size of the 1A adapter is smaller than that of the 2A AC adapter. Therefore, we usually can judge the current size according to the size of the adapter.

But with a high power iPad plug to charge iPhone, apple officials say it's okay.

2. charge line

Don't look at the same USB line in the market, but the current they support is different.

We have more electronic devices in our hands, and sometimes it's hard to tell which line is equipped, and one solution is to mark all the USB lines.

There is also the use of the original charging line to the equipment to charge the equipment, the speed will be much faster.

3. charge temperature

There is such a post in the forum that has attracted wide attention. The iPhone6 Plus with a net friend is full of electricity for 5 or 6 hours, and there is no problem for plugs and charging lines. What's the matter?

Once, the user unintentionally put plus next to the hot water bag. Miraculously, it was full for more than two hours. It seems that the temperature has a certain effect on the charging speed.

4. dust

If all of the above three points are no problem, then check whether the charging interface is blocked by some small dirty things. Although the problem is not obvious, it is also most easily ignored.

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