What are the advantages of pulsed fast charging

- Jan 10, 2018 -

What are the advantages of pulsed fast charging?

Pulse fast charging is a way to eliminate the polarization phenomenon through the negative pulse of the current in the charging process, so as to achieve high current charging, so as to shorten the charging time. 

Pulse fast charging has the following advantages: 

(1) short charging time as with ordinary battery charging method, the new initial charge is generally less than 45 ~ 65h, supplement use battery charging also needs 13 ~ 16h; and fast charging, generally not more than 5h at the beginning of charging, charging no more than lh. 

(2) it can increase the capacity of battery. Because fast pulse charging can eliminate polarization and chemical reaction is sufficient, so the capacity of battery increases with pulse method. At the same time, the new battery charge can not be charged and discharge cycle can be used.

(3) to be vulcanized, the general vulcanization charging method is both time-consuming and troublesome, and the pulse fast charging method only needs 4 ~5h, and the effect is good.

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