What are the benefits of a high current and fast charging scheme VOOC?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

What are the benefits of a high current and fast charging scheme VOOC?

Due to the high voltage fast charging scheme has two buck, so the energy loss in the process of charging in step-down conversion efficiency high voltage scheme is only about 80%; VOOC low voltage fast charging scheme without mobile phone terminal pressure, so that the charge conversion rate increased to 97%, while avoiding the heating phenomenon.

High voltage fast charging voltage of 9V or 12V in addition to a large amount of heat, the conversion rate is low, because with the target voltage 4.2V pressure difference, the reliability of the circuit have higher requirements, once the mobile phone circuit fault occurs, there will be high voltage directly applied in lithium batteries, battery beyond withstand voltage will lead to safety hazards.

Low voltage high current fast charging scheme of VOOC flash charge is summarized: the benefits of fast charging, less heat, safety

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