What are the categories of emergency charger

- Jan 16, 2018 -

What are the categories of emergency charger?

Classification by way of energy use

General charger: using ordinary household electricity, etc. to supply energy through a transformer.

Solar charger: using solar panels to collect solar energy

Wireless charger: the principle of using electromagnetic coupling

Handy charger: use of manpower

Dry battery emergency charge: using 1 to several dry batteries, providing emergency charging, generally can provide more than ten minutes of electricity.

Categorization of the types of products used

Mobile phone charger

Notebook Charger

Electronic Car Charger

Large charger and so on

Camera charger

Electric toy charger

Classification by way of use

Senior business charger: business travel charger, fast charging speed and very safe, the price is slightly higher than the general charger;

Seat type charger: unique appearance, novel appearance, easy to carry, suitable filling capacity of 200-3000mAH lithium ion (LI-ION) nickel (NI-Mh) mobile phone batteries, built-in intelligent identification circuit, can automatically convert the charger output polarity for battery charging, the effect is good, the ideal partner Home Furnishing / Travel mobile phone;

USB charger: with USB output interface, it can be charged to MP3/4, digital camera and so on.

Line type charger: general mobile phone charging;

Car charger: a charger that uses a general power supply on the car as a power supply device.

Classification according to raw materials

Ni MH Ni Cd charger

Lithium ion battery charger

lead-acid battery charger

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