What are the classifications of the data line

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What are the classifications of the data line?

The data line is divided into network line according to function; brush line; synchronous line; charging line; multi-function line.

1, Internet line: it can only be used for GPRS or CDMA 1X. Typical models: V730 series; V688 series; PHS series.

2, brush line: can only be used to upgrade the brush. Typical model: BenQ S700; upgrade unlocked line.

3, synchronization line: used to transmit telephone books; photo ringtones; SMS; multimedia data and so on. Of course, part is two-way transmission, and part only supports one-way transmission. This kind of data line is more common.

4, charge line: generally, the Internet line or synchronous line add a USB charging function, more practical and convenient, the Internet and a group of short message essential functions. Can also be subdivided into two kinds of charging and charging switches, the former is plugged into charge, the latter has a small switch, can control whether or not to charge. Of course, the charge switch has the highest grade, and the price is more expensive.

5, multi-function line: at the same time, it supports 2 or more than 2 functions such as Internet access, synchronization, brush and charging. It reminds us that when you buy data lines, the more functions you have, the better you will be.

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