What are the standards for a good mobile power supply

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What are the standards for a good mobile power supply?


1, pre purchase preparation, that is, the initial positioning of the capacity and brand. Before choosing a mobile power source, we first need to consider several problems according to our needs: what is the specific use, what kind of occasion it is, whether to use emergency for a short time, or to go out for a long time. If it is used for emergency charging, it is necessary to choose relatively small products, such a product is easy to carry, and can also pick up the phone while charging, but relatively speaking, the core capacity is small. If it's for outdoor use for a long time, then some products with large core capacity are needed. Such products are relatively large and are not very convenient to carry. Of course, there are also a number of medium - sized, fashionable products that may be a good choice to use on the work of the subway or on the train home. As for the brand Xiaobian, we should choose the brand with good quality and good reputation. We can get to know all the professional rankings. Of course, the mobile power evaluation recommendation network also provides you with all the charts, and compares with the sales volume of Tmall mall.

2, the selection of energy storage medium. The electric core mesh mobile power supply mainly uses the NiMH batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, liquid lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries. The market is mainly sales of the latter two kinds of electric cores. You can't choose to use the first two kinds of electric core products, the two kinds of electric core output efficiency is very low, there is no advantage, do not buy. Liquid lithium ion core and lithium polymer core are relatively stable output efficiency, especially lithium polymer core compared with lithium polymer core, which is lighter, safer and more efficient.

3. Determine the conversion rate. The conversion rate of mobile power is very important. If the conversion rate is too low, it indicates that the line loss of mobile power will be large, which may cause fever and even explosion risk. The conversion rate can see the evaluation of the various mobile power types. If the advertised rate is above 90%, it will probably be false. In general, the conversion rate is about 85%, and the product is very good.

4, product compatibility. Mobile phone and other electronic product variety, circuit design and interface are not nearly the same, with a mobile power supply may not be suitable for all electronic products, so the purchase must first clear their own electronic products need to interface, voltage and other information, if you can try to counter the test machine. In general, the charging voltage and current of the mobile phone is 5V1A. If your mobile phone is special, the interface should be confirmed with the merchant.

5. The accessories and additional functions of the products. Although the main function of the mobile power supply is to charge, some additional functions will bring us more benefits. For example, there are multiple rechargeable switch heads to extend the range of use. The dual interface can charge two electronic products at the same time, with the LED lighting for emergency. Another point is that some of the mobile power supply has solar charging function, which is actually chicken ribs, because many users find that solar charging is almost impossible, and the time is too slow.

6. The appearance and weight of the product. It is necessary to choose the disconnected type of mobile power supply according to the failure of the use. For simple emergency use, we should choose a small mobile power source. We should choose a large capacity mobile power source for outgoing power supply, and we should try to choose light weight products and carry them easily with the same function.

7, choose brand products as much as possible. The establishment of a brand needs advertising, and more need to be word-of-mouth. Select the more well-known brand of mobile power supply, the product quality may be better, after the after-sales service is more in place.

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