What does the current size of the USB charge cable affect

- Jan 02, 2018 -

What does the current size of the USB charge line affect?

The output current identifier of the charger refers to the maximum current rather than the constant output current. If the device itself does not consume such a large current, it will generally have no effect on the device.

The charging lines are almost universal, and the gap between 0.5-2A is not too big.

The charger under normal circumstances can be used but there are exceptions, sometimes there will be domestic charger current / voltage jitter, the jitter on the equipment in terms of what is not good, and different devices have different sensitivity to jitter, if USB powered speakers (not USB data line), USB router, USB wireless router, these devices are not sensitive to jitter, because they only use USB power supply, but the mobile phone, tablet computer on the USB transmission equipment, because these may have some adverse consequences of jitter.

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