What is a chromatic aberration line

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What is a chromatic aberration line?

Oxygen free copper line than the S line terminal difference, better quality of video transmission line analog signal, there should be the best video line analog signal, DVD machine, a new high-end TV and home projector will interface with this.

The color difference component interface can be used in video and game devices such as DVD, PS2, XBOX, NGC and so on. The quality of the interface is stronger than the S terminal. The chromatic aberration is divided into line by line and interlaced. In general, there are several letters on the component interface to indicate line by line and interlacing. The interlacing is represented by YCbCr, and it is line by line with YPbPr. If the TV has only YCbCr component terminal, it means that TV can't support progressive component. YPbPr component terminal indicates that it supports 2 components: row by row and interlacing.


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