What is an antidumping duty

- Jan 22, 2018 -

What is an antidumping duty?

A surcharge on imports, in 1979 the "Tokyo round" provisions, every domestic goods to another country's exports, the export price is lower than similar products for domestic consumption than normal trade price, as a dumping "normal price, export of domestic market wholesale price

Conditions: the existence of dumping, serious damage or threat to domestic industry or a serious hindrance to the construction of a domestic industry. Countervailing duty

Counteract or compensation tax refers to an import additional tax imposed on the import of foreign goods that receive any bonus or subsidy directly or indirectly.

Subsidy: the financial support provided by the government or any public institution to the enterprise and the government's support for any form of income or price support for the export products.


Import goods are directly or indirectly subsidized by the government, and the imported goods are prohibited by the WTO

It is the subsidy that causes serious damage or threat to the built industry in the country or seriously hinders the construction of a domestic industry.

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