What is CHY103D

- Jan 08, 2018 -

CHY103D has the function of protecting the rich, including can prevent the adaptive output overvoltage protection output exceeds the set output voltage of 120% (AOVP), can detect the local short circuit and stop the power output to prevent the output short circuit protection soft cable and connector overheating (OSSP) and in the case of a detected failure to remotely shut by the remote electric equipment turn off the adapter break protection (RESP).

The CHY103D device itself in 5V when the output power is less than 1mW; when used in combination with Inno Switch devices with high efficiency, the low power consumption can help designers to meet the strict requirements of the charger efficiency, for example, a revised version of the imminent implementation of the United States federal standard external power supply.

CHY103D devices are suitable for battery charger of mobile devices such as tablet computers, smart phones, Bluetooth accessories and USB power output ports. At the same time, it is compatible with Quick Charge 2 products.

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