What is HUAWEI fast filling technology

- Jan 08, 2018 -

What is HUAWEI fast filling technology?

Compatible with QC2.0 protocol and the protocol of HUAWEI Hass fast charge fast charging technology

The glory released the 10000mAh fast charging power supply. This power can complete 100% of the charge within 3.5 hours and recharge the glory by 50% in half an hour. The general configuration is as follows: high density polymer batteries, support 18W (MAX) bidirectional fast charge, compatible with Hass FCP and other mainstream fast charging protocol, support Type-C or USB output. The related evaluation shows that the power can be charged 2.3 times for HUAWEI P9, 1.9 times for the glory of V8, 2.3 times for Samsung S7 and 4 times for iPhone6S. From the bi-directional charging performance and related data, this product should be the flagship product of the domestic mobile power market.

HUAWEI laboratory data realities, HUAWEI fast charging mobile power is full of time 3.5 hours, less than the ordinary 5V2A fast charging power saving 2.5 hours. The whole data can be achieved because the power supply supports 9V2A's fast charging power up to 18W, and supports Type C input. The charging speed of the power supply is nearly 1 times higher than that of the ordinary fast charging power supply. This can effectively solve the embarrassing problems which happen frequently in working life, such as too slow charging speed, charging speed, cell phone power consumption and long time charging current.

Overall, the glory of this fast charging mobile power in the realization of 9V2A two-way fast charging at the same time, more support, a variety of MTK Hass, Qualcomm QC2.0 fast charging protocol. In the exclusive support glory 7, glory V8, HUAWEI Mate8, P9 HUAWEI Hass support fast charging protocol / mobile phone is also compatible with the glory of love, MTK, Qualcomm QC2.0 fast charging protocol can meet almost all the market mainstream mobile phone fast charging requirements.

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