What is the classic three - stage charge for fast charging

- Jan 10, 2018 -

What is the classic three - stage charge for fast charging?

The three section refers to a type of charger three stages charging device for electric vehicles, three stepcharging is an automatic charging process, constant current, constant voltage and floating charge is three to three stepcharging the stage.

1.The first stage is fast charging "bulk", which charges the battery at the maximum (100%) output current. The charging time depends on the battery capacity and the state of battery when it starts charging.

2 .The second stages, "absorption", from the battery charging up to 90% (wet battery 80%). This phase lasts about 4 hours (AGM and gel, the battery 100%. battery)

3, but after the battery is automatically transferred to the third stage, the 'floating' float mode charger, battery power supply to maintain the load connected in the best state at the same time, if exceed the current supply power battery charger, the charger automatically to the beginning part of the discharge, the first stage ("bulk"), if the use of load reduction, once again to the charger the three stage charging system

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