What is the data line testing machine?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

What is the data line testing machine?

Data Cable Wire testing machine to test the various parameters of the data line: including, voltage, resistance, current, etc.! Of course, the transmission speed is not through the wire testing machine to test, only with professional test equipment! The emergence of wire testing machine, greatly facilitate the exclusion of data lines we rate of non-performing, effectively reducing unnecessary trouble!

Wire testing machine for three,

The first; that is, test conduction, dislocation, short circuit, open circuit, the advantages can be accurately judged AB fault, price concessions. Fast, big screen viewing results more intuitive.

The second; more than a unilateral test / insulation / high voltage and other functions; this detector headphone cable used more, the test speed is faster than the average high-pressure equipment on the market, AB judge more accurate.

The third; is used to test electronic components with a wire, using four-wire test, can accurately measure the parameters of components!

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