What is the difference between the charge data cable current 2A and the 1A?

- Jan 06, 2018 -

What is the difference between the charge data line current 2A and the 1A?

The charging time of 2A is faster than that of 1A.

Most of the mobile and mobile power supply is relatively large, and the current that can be charged is relatively large, which can effectively shorten the charging time. And the charger output current is relatively large, can reach 2.5A, the same data line charging charger using 2A and 1A, the largest 1A charge data line only through the 1A current, and 2A charging cable can satisfy the current through 2A, is 1A times of charging data wire, so the performance of 2A charging the data line must be stronger than that of 1A, which can effectively improve the charging speed.

The charger is better equipped with a large brand charger with rated current greater than or equal to the standard current. When it is greater than rated, it will charge the standard current, but the charger less than the standard current will be fully loaded.

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