What is the European main certification

- Dec 29, 2017 -

What is the European certification ?

1, the CE: logo is a security certification mark, which is regarded as a passport for the manufacturer to open and enter the European market. CE represents the European unity (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). Products labeled with "CE" can be sold within the European Union members, without having to meet the requirements of each member country, so as to achieve the free circulation of commodities within the EU Member States.

2, ROHS: RoHS is the abbreviation of "the Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances hazardous". RoHS lists six kinds of harmful substances, including: lead Pb, cadmium Cd, mercury Hg, six valence chromium Cr6+, polybrominated two benzyl ether PBDE, polybrominated biphenyl PBB. The European Union began to implement RoHS in July 1, 2006. The electrical and electronic products that use or contain heavy metals, such as polybrominated two phenyl ether PBDE, polybrominated biphenyl PBB and other flame retardants, are not allowed to enter the EU market. RoHS in electrical and electronic products, may contain the six hazardous substances in the production process, all raw materials mainly include: white appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machine, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, air conditioning, water heater, black appliances, such as audio and video products, DVD, CD, TV receiver, IT products, digital products, communication products; electric tools, electric toys, medical electrical equipment. There is no RoHS Remark: the guests asked to ask when he is finished RoHS or RoHS material, some factories are not finished RoHS, with ROHS prices in general than the ordinary products of your 10%-20%.

3, EMC: with the development of electrical and electronic technology, household appliances and the increasing popularity of electronic, radio and television, telecommunications and computer networks have become increasingly developed, increasingly complex electromagnetic environment and deterioration of the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products (EMI and EMC EMS anti electromagnetic interference) problem has also been increasing attention of governments and production enterprises. The electromagnetic compatibility of electronic and electrical products (EMC) is a very important quality index, it is not only related to the reliability and safety of the product itself, but also may affect the normal work of other equipment and systems, related to the protection of the electromagnetic environment. The EC government stipulates that, from 1 January 1996, all electrical and electronic products must be sold in the European Community market after the EMC certification and the addition of the CE logo. This has caused widespread influence in the world, and the governments of all countries have taken measures to enforce the mandatory management of the RMC performance of electrical and electronic products. More influential internationally, such as the EU 89/336/EEC

4, the GS:GS sign is a safety certification issued by the German Ministry of labour authorized by TUV, VDE and other agencies. The GS logo is a security sign accepted by European customers. Usually GS certified products have higher sales univalent and better selling.

5.ISO: international standardization organization International Organization for Standardization international standardization organization is the largest non-governmental standardization agency in the world, and it plays a leading role in international standardization. ISO enacts international standards. The main activities of ISO are to set up international standards, coordinate the worldwide standardization work, organize member states and technical committees to conduct intelligence exchanges, and cooperate with other international organizations to study standardization.

6, GMP: the abbreviation of English Good Manufacturing Practice, which means "good production operation standard" in Chinese, is a particular emphasis on the implementation of food hygiene and safety management in the production process.

In short, GMP requires food production enterprises to have good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict testing system, so as to ensure the quality of final products, including food safety and hygiene, which meet the requirements of laws and regulations. The content stipulated in GMP is the most basic condition that the food processing enterprise must reach.

Of course, what kind of authentication is needed is to see the product. It doesn't need all.

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