What is the reason for the sudden burning of the car charger?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

What is the reason for the sudden burning of the car charger?

Many people have this situation, buy a new car charger using a few times a sudden short-circuit, sometimes lead to the radio, clock and power cigarette lighter at the same time, the situation is not good for the joint mobile phone charging equipment etc. may all burned, then suddenly burned out car charger is what reason?

Generally speaking, the normal use of vehicle charger should be carried out according to its rated power, and it can't exceed the rated voltage and current, otherwise, it will definitely affect the charging device. Even though many vehicle charger has many protective measures such as overvoltage, overcharge and over current, once the voltage or current is too large, the fuse of car charger will burn out. At this time, it is necessary to replace fuse to restore charging.

In addition, car charger often was suddenly an important reason is that many people love to burn the car ignition before car charger will insert car charger, this time once the car ignition, will produce instantaneous high pressure, largely put the car charger burned out, so, if you have this habit of friends must be corrected, and after the car flameout habitual car charger from the car charger will pull out, this is a kind of good habits, is also an important guarantee to avoid car charger was suddenly burned out.

Car charger general suddenly burned extent are burned inside the fuse caused by a short circuit, if it is an instant strong current is likely to affect the charging device, so don't burn the car charger sometimes replaced with new, can try to replace a fuse to see if there is no problem, you can continue to use, maintain good habits and safe use of the normal range can be avoided by car charger suddenly burned out.

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