What is the reason phone data cable charging jack often hot?

- Dec 27, 2017 -

What is the reason phone data cable charging jack often hot?

Cell phone charging process is a normal phenomenon of charger fever, cell phone charger is a parallel switching power supply, when the work side of that big transistor is a big heat, so the temperature will increase the shell.

The temperature rise of mobile phone charger is related to the load of the charger. During the charging process, the output current is relatively large, the temperature of the charger will be higher, but it will not reach the hot temperature. After charging, even if the phone is still connected to the charger, the battery charging circuit is also automatically cut off, the charger output current is small, so the temperature increase is not obvious. It may be that you used to charge the charger after it was full for a long time, so you can not feel the heat.

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