What is the relationship between the Iphone cell phone and the IPad charging speed

- Dec 28, 2017 -

What is the relationship between the speed of the Iphone cell phone and the speed of the IPad charging?

Test tools:

IPhone cell phone one, iPad one

One of the different brands of data lines

Different brands of mobile phone chargers

When the charging current is fixed, the larger the battery capacity and the longer the charging time, the iPad must be much slower than the iPhone.

The larger the current that the data line can carry, the quicker the charge. If the output current of the data line exceeds the upper limit of the current that the charger can provide, then the charger will always output the maximum current. So when the battery capacity is the same, the greater the output current of the data line, the faster the charging time will be.

Most brand mobile phones are now standard 5V, but manufacturers are generally equipped with different output currents based on battery capacity. So when the charger with a maximum output current of only 1A iPhone charges iPad and charges the original charger of 2A to iPad, under the theoretical condition, the charging time of the former is 2.1 times that of the latter.

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