What is the role of OTG data cable?

- Dec 27, 2017 -

What is the role of OTG data cable?

OTG's role is to transfer data between mobile devices without a computer. As with the two mobile devices connected to the same line, through the OTG line can be connected directly to the device for data transfer and printing operations. Do not need to bring a memory card or computer to send. The most common is the mobile phone through the OTG cable to connect USB devices such as USB flash drives, thereby extending the functionality of mobile devices.

OTG data line classification

The general OTG line is divided into two types, one is connected to the power supply, there is another is not connected to the power supply, but their function is the same, are generally used to connect USB external devices, such as printers, Camera and other equipment. For example, if our mobile phone supports the OTG function, but what do we want to do when playing a movie or music on a USB flash drive? The average user can only use the USB flash drive to transfer files from the computer to the mobile phone. However, You can directly on the phone to play the file on the U disk.

Usually what we call OTG cable refers to the OTG data cable. Its function is to realize that the mobile devices other than the computer can directly connect with each other, which is very popular and practical for the smart phones and the tablet computers. Through the OTG data cable, we can directly connect the phone to a USB flash drive or other USB devices, which greatly facilitates users' use. The OTG cable is the best bridge

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