What is the slow charge of the mobile phone It took a few minutes to fill 1%

- Dec 28, 2017 -

What is the slow charge of the mobile phone? It took a few minutes to fill 1%

3 situations are possible, and the mobile phone battery, mobile phone charger, if can use USB charging, you can first use the USB interface to the computer if it is charging, charger is not good, or if not what is the problem with the mobile phone battery, rechargeable batteries can be used in universal charge, if can the mobile phone is charging a problem, if it is not in charge the battery. The probability of a sudden failure of a battery is small, and it is generally slow to reduce its service life.

Other reasons

1, first of all, when we don't know why the charging is very slow, we need to think about whether we have changed the charger and other things recently. Then check whether the battery has been swelled up or not. If we bulge up to change the battery, otherwise, there will probably be a battery short circuit.

2, data line does not match: now, although many cell phone data lines have the same interface, but not necessarily data line matching, in the case of mismatch, the battery has protective circuit, resulting in slow charging or not charging.

3, the charger does not match: many people think that the head charger can be generic, in fact, 75, because the battery design current and voltage of each mobile phone are not the same, if not, the charger is likely to cause the battery lifetime, and may be dangerous, because most news said the accident was the charger all of this, it is proposed to use the original charger, or buy.

No charging

1. Whether there is a problem with the interface of the mobile phone, and whether it is normal under the inspection of the exclusive repair shop. The connection between the charger and the mobile phone can be reconnected.

2, check if the charger is in good contact, or if the charger is broken, try another charger. Pay attention to the same parameters as the current and voltage of the phone's original charging plug.

3, check the quality of cell phone battery is not aging, the replacement of a battery try, this is a common problem.

4, check the system problem, is not the internal problem, may as well use the USB line directly link computer to try to do the exclusion method.

5, if there is a mobile phone ROOM, then there may be a brush problem, it is suggested to be updated or restored to the professional.

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