What is the solar charger

- Jan 17, 2018 -

What is the solar charger?

The solar charger is a device for converting solar energy into electrical energy. After converting solar energy into electricity, it is stored in batteries. The battery can be used for any form of storage device. It consists of three parts: solar photovoltaic cell, battery and voltage regulator.

The solar charger is a new high-tech solar series, which has the function of intelligent adjustment and can adjust the different output voltage and current. It can charge different charging products, adjust the voltage range from 3.7 -6V, and can charge MP3.MP4.PDA, digital camera, mobile phone and other products. With five bright 5LED, can be used for day-to-day lighting and emergency lighting! Small volume, high capacity, long service life. The standby power supply applicable to travel, travel, travel ship and field work environment and students and emergency lighting, with safety protection, good compatibility, large capacity, small volume, long service life, high cost.

Functional parameter solar panel specification: 5.5V/70mA

1. High capacity rechargeable battery: 1300MAH

2. Output voltage: voltage is 5.5V

3, output current: 300550mA;

4, charger time to charge the phone: about 120 minutes (a little difference between different brands and models);

5, solar power charger built-in battery charging time: 10~15 hours;

6. Use a computer or AC adapter to charge the battery charging time for the charger: 5 hours;

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