What is the standard of car recharger?

- Jan 05, 2018 -

What is the standard of car recharger?

First clear own car cigarette lighter output voltage

Car output voltage of 12V, the truck is 24V, general-purpose car charger (12v) most suitable for cars, if it is the other models need to select the appropriate voltage standards.

The second understanding of car charger automatic protection

Car charger is over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short-circuit protection and other functions, the best shell is ABS flame retardant environmentally friendly materials, both to prevent external combustion and beautiful, hand touch without leaving fingerprints.

The third attention to voltage and current size

When buying a car charger, pay attention to the size of the voltage and current of the supporting equipment, for example, the iphone is 5V / 1A, the tablet and the mobile power is 5v / 2A. Dual USB Interface Car Charger If the phone and tablet are both charged, the total current of the car charger should be at least 3A or above, otherwise the charging speed will not only decrease drastically, but also overheat or even damage the device.

Fourth understand the total charge of the car charger is what the total current

General regular products will be marked on the charger, the output current is how much A, if the charger has been charged when the phone + tablet is not only slow and heat, both current is not up to standard.

The fifth choice of a reliable brand

Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, it is also assured to use, this truth I believe Needless to say. Although the price is generally cheaper than the poor car charger, but if the cheap, quality out of the question, it is certainly their own loss. In addition, in order to avoid two cell phones need to charge, it is best to choose at least 2 USB interface car charger.

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