What is the zinc alloy material

- Jan 03, 2018 -

What is the zinc alloy material?

Zinc alloys, also known as zinc based alloys, are generally divided into two yuan alloys, three yuan alloys and multiple alloys. Two yuan zinc alloy zinc Aluminum Alloy generally refers to three yuan; zinc alloy generally refers to Zn Al Cu alloy; alloy generally refers to zinc aluminum copper and other trace metals.

Zinc based alloys, zinc alloys, zinc and aluminum alloys are a broad concept, which does not mean that the alloy can meet the concept of a particular function. For example, zinc and aluminum alloy can be divided into low aluminum zinc base alloy, medium aluminum zinc base alloy and high aluminum zinc base alloy according to the content of aluminum. They are all zinc - aluminum alloys, but their properties are very different.

Low aluminum zinc based alloy is generally two yuan alloy, mainly used for anticorrosion, basically using galvanized aluminum alloy instead of galvanizing technology (New Technology). Medium aluminum zinc alloy is generally three yuan alloy, mainly used for fastening function, often used for manufacturing fasteners such as rivets. The reason is that besides its strength and elongation, the main reason is that it has good construction convenience. The high aluminum zinc based alloy is generally three yuan or multiple alloy, the alloy has such characteristics, namely by melting and casting process parameters of different materials, produce significant differences exist in the performance; some good elongation suitable for manufacturing high strength fasteners, some suitable for manufacturing high strength shell, only a small part of the antifriction coefficient suitable for manufacturing sliding bearings; therefore the high aluminum zinc based alloy abroad is called "magic alloy". Generally, zinc base bearing alloys are all high aluminum zinc based alloys, but all high Al Zn based alloys are not all sliding bearing alloys.

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