What is zinc alloy

- Jan 03, 2018 -

What is zinc alloy?

Zinc alloy is an alloy that is made up of other elements on the basis of zinc. The alloy elements often added are low temperature zinc alloys, such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead and titanium. Zinc alloy has the advantages of low melting point, good fluidity, easy welding, brazing and plastic processing, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, easy recovery and remelting of waste materials, but low creep strength, and easy to cause dimensional change due to natural aging. The melting method is prepared, die-casting or pressure processing is made. According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into cast zinc alloy and deformed zinc alloy.

The main elements of zinc alloy are aluminum, copper and magnesium. Zinc alloys can be divided into two types, namely, deforming and casting zinc alloys according to the processing technology. The casting zinc alloy has good fluidity and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for die casting instruments, automobile parts and shells, etc.


1.The relative proportion is large.

2. good casting performance, can be die-casting complex shape, thin wall of precision parts, the surface of the casting smooth.

3. can be surface treatment: electroplating, spraying, spray painting, polishing, grinding and so on.

4. the melting and die-casting do not absorb iron, do not corrode the pressure type, and do not stick to the mold.

5. has good mechanical properties and wear resistance at normal temperature.

The 6. melting point is low and melts at 385 C. It is easy to die casting.

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