What kind of audio line have

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What kind of audio line do you have?

Speaker wire for connecting the amplifier and speakers, which is far greater than the current circulation said in front of the video and audio line line, because the signal greatly, this kind of line often do not shield for the wire, the key is to reduce the resistance, because the output resistance of modern power amplifier is very low, so the sound box line the requirements will be increased, such as the selection of a large cross-sectional area or stranded wire. Wire rods are from pure copper to silver wire. A loudspeaker line with high price is an oxygen free copper speaker special line. Its main characteristics are good electrical conductivity and low resistivity. It uses a lot of timbre when replaying the sound. 

According to the classification of the home sound box, it is divided into the home theater sound box (usually 6) and the HIFI music box (two), and generally called the fever sound box. The HIFI sound box is used for the high fidelity reduction sound field, so it is necessary to guarantee the lossless transmission of the audio signal. The general transmission line have different resistance to different frequency signals, this characteristic is blurred in sound sound reduction, so people produced a high-end speaker called intelligent signal line connecting line, this line is characteristic of the signal according to the frequency divided into two channels, a certain thickness of the outer layer through the line the signal above 5KHZ, 5KHZ below the signal through the inner transmission line, which greatly improves the frequency characteristics of transmission line, the reproduction sound clear and transparent. But the price is also very expensive, the above said audio line of those brands, and most of the production of feverish sound box wire.

The input and output ports of the speaker interface are divided into two types of analog ports and digital ports. What type of audio socket is selected when buying audio interfaces, the first thing to consider is the matching problem. If all the devices connected to the audio interface are analog ports, the audio interface of the analog socket should be selected. If the digital device is connected to the audio interface, it is best to use the audio interface of the digital port. , this form is very important, some users are using digital mixer, chose analog audio interface for your computer audio workstation, which not only in the system increases the number of analog and analog to digital conversion, the signal in the transmission process by Shen unnecessary loss moreover, excessive use of analog audio line (especially the analog audio line together), will also cause mutual interference between the cable and the noise generated.

Audio line: a set of audio lines is often two, divided into about two channels, the two ends of the line are lotus head (RCA head). The audio line does not need to be considered when wiring, because the sound source equipment and power amplifier often put together, these lines are very short, later configuration can.

Coaxial line: for transmitting multi-channel signal (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signal), similar to the audio line, because the signal volume is large, the joint and the wire are thicker than the common audio line, generally used to connect DVD and power amplifier.

Fiber optic line: also used to transmit multi channel signal (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signal) for connecting the DVD and the power amplifier.

Microphone: a two core coaxial line, used to connect the power amplifier and the microphone. At present, wireless microphone rise, if not out of special consideration, wiring can not be considered, after the wireless microphone application will be more and more extensive.

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