What mean of USB 2.0 cable

- Dec 06, 2017 -

The USB data line is tagged with the word "USB 2.0", indicating that the data line supports the USB 2.0 communication protocol.

USB has multiple versions of the protocol: 

USB 1.0 (issued in 1996, the highest transmission rate of 1.5Mbps USB1.1,(issued in 1998, the highest transmission rate of 12Mbps)

 USB 2.0( issued in 2000, the highest transmission rate of 480Mbps, the computer interface of USB 2 is the most common), 

USB 3.3 (issued in 2008, the highest transmission rate 5Gbps, the computer on the USB 3 interface is also common),

 USB 3.1 (issued in 2013, the maximum transmission rate of 10Gbps), the different versions of the USB interface can be compatible (i.e. high version of the USB interface can be connected to the low version of USB equipment, low version of the USB interface can also use the high version of USB equipment. As long as the socket is physically compatible and can be inserted into it, it can be compatible).

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