what mobile phones can now use wireless charging?

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Mobile phone wireless charging technology is very high in the past few years the voice of many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to try to support mobile phone wireless charging, however, currently supports wireless charging of mobile phone is not very much, mainly concentrated in the high-end mobile phone brand, hindering the popularization and the limitation in wireless charging on the mobile phone configuration, however, wireless charging distance we are not far away, with Qi wireless charging standard, intelligent mobile phone now only need to replace with the wireless mobile phone shell accept equipment or use third party accessories to support wireless charging function can realize the wireless mobile phone charging. So, so much, 

what mobile phones can now use wireless charging?

1, Samsung brand series

Samsung brand as a global smart mobile phone giant, under a variety of brand mobile phone supports wireless charging, such as Galaxy S6; Galaxy S6 Edge; Galaxy S6 Active, the Samsung flagship models support Qi standard and PMA standard, can adapt to the market almost all wireless charging socket. When consumers are still dissatisfied with the battery life of a Samsung series, the wireless charging technology can also make the consumer feel a bit of comfort.

2, NOKIA series

The traditional mobile phone giant NOKIA although not a glorious past, but in the field of mobile phone, is still a dominant party, at present, NOKIA's Lumia 930, Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 of the three models of mobile phone support wireless charging, and wireless headset, wireless speakers and other wireless devices, and Lumia 930 it is currently available on the Windowsphone system with the best use of the intelligent mobile phone, even if it's Android and iOS system is not stable, strong, but has the most stylish wireless charging function is also to make up for a consumer.

3. Google

The original Google Android Nexus6 mobile phone system is equipped with a wireless charging function, backed by the powerful Google company, own Qingliqingwei brand mobile phone must have wireless charging function, for the Google brand mobile phone, this is the most basic configuration.

4, HTC series

As a company with independent wireless charging technology of intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, HTC brand's HTC Droid DNA and HTC 8X two mobile phone support wireless charging function, however, HTC 8X only Verizon version supports wireless charging function, the international version is not supported, however, in addition to the wireless charging function, the function of the hardware configuration two mobile phone is powerful, well, for non US versions of mobile phone consumers, this is acceptable.

5, SONY Xperia Z4v

The same as the powerful Sony Corp, SONY's Xperia Z4v mobile phone is recently quit a flagship model, in addition equipped with QHD ultra high resolution screen, wireless charging function is also one of the highlights, at least in the field with the price of the mobile phone configuration, SONY is not backward.

6, Motorola Droid Turbo

When the mobile phone keyboard of the glorious past is belongs to the field of intelligent mobile phone Motorola, now Motorola also has a space for one person, this Droid Turbo is Motorola's flagship model, with a large capacity battery, plus high configuration, the most important is to support wireless charging function, these factors together is enough to attract consumers the.

7, LG Nexus4

The same is the Nexus series mobile phone, the Android system, Google Nexus6 supports wireless charging, LG Nexus4 of course not much, this Nexus4 is owned by LG, a wireless charging support mobile phone company, although is not the flagship model, but the configuration is still good.

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