What related accessories are fast charging

- Jan 08, 2018 -

What related accessories are fast charging?

Fast charging is related to charger, data cable and the internal charging module of the mobile phone. The charging module of the charger and the mobile phone accounts for the most, and the data line is slightly affected but also important.

The mobile phone support low-voltage fast charge due to the fast charge equipment, high threshold, so most need fast charging effect using the original accessories to achieve the ideal, the data line needs to support the large current maximum can reach 5A, almost no third party on the market, but VOOC also built a recognition IC, only fast charging data cable the use of their own.

And support high voltage fast charge mobile phone, the data line can basically meet the current 2A can meet the demand of fast charging, but the charging head of the relatively high demand, such as high requirements to support QC fast charging products need to be certified, have the relevant agreement, in the charging process will not process. Recognize it go back to 5V slowly charging.

So people got inspired and began to do their own private recognition protocols, such as HUAWEI's FCP.

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