What's the impact of using a cell phone when a cell phone is charged

- Jan 10, 2018 -

What's the impact of using a cell phone when a cell phone is charged?

In travel, or in fear of delay, many friends use a travel charger to charge a cell phone when the cell phone is out of electricity. When charging in the open state, there is no bad effect on the phone as long as it does not operate. But if you call, send text messages, Download bingtones, MMS, and play games, it will cause harm to mobile phones, people and batteries. There are three reasons.

First of all, when the cell phone is charging, the voltage is higher than that when it is on standby. If the call is connected at the same time, the instantaneous voltage of the mobile phone will be more than that of usual time. It will cause damage to the sensitive parts inside the cell phone.

Second, in the use of mobile phones when the mobile phone is charged, the amount of radiation is tens of times in peacetime, it is self-evident to the damage to the human body.

Third, because the battery life is calculated according to the charge and discharge cycle, the number of charging has a direct impact on the cell life of the cell phone. If the charging times touch power will make the battery charge and discharge repeatedly reduced service life. Therefore, when the phone uses a travel charger in the open state, it must not be called.

If there is an important phone call, it is recommended to unplug the power or use other telephone calls.

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