What should you pay attention to using a car charger?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

What should you pay attention to using a car charger?

The car charger is used as a power outlet to charge the cell phone directly. Because the voltage provided by the car is low, the inside charger only needs to have the overload protection circuit. The front end of the car charger socket is designed with a safety pipe. When the current exceeds the overload protection circuit, the fuse will fuse immediately, and the fuse will play a protective role. Note: it is necessary to charge the car when the engine is started! On the car charger, there are also the following notes:

1. Do not use a car charger in a wet environment

Vehicle charger

Vehicle charger

2. Don't store the car charger in a wet environment

3. The suitable temperature for use is 0-45 C

4. Stay away from children

5. Avoid lightning strike

6, fill the electricity in time to pull out the plug

Therefore, for safety considerations, we must choose to buy regular brands, purchase authentic products, and the inferior products are very vulnerable to security risks. Car charger is charging and charger two. You can choose to buy or remove the battery charger, charging, avoid the vehicle power supply is not stable, the output voltage peak. The mobile phone burn phenomenon, to burn and burn the battery, reduce the loss. There are all kinds of car chargers available on the market. If you choose to buy online, you must go to a regular website to buy.

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