When should the battery start to recharge in normal use

- Jan 10, 2018 -

When should the battery start to recharge in normal use

This statement can often be seen in our forum, because the number of charge and discharge is limited, so the power of mobile phone battery should be used up and recharged as much as possible. But I found an experiment on the charge and discharge cycle of lithium ion batteries. The data on the cycle life are listed as follows:

Cycle life (10%DOD): >1000 times

Cycle life (100%DOD): >200 times

DOD is the abbreviation of the depth of the discharge. It can be seen from the table that the number of rechargeable batteries is related to the depth of the discharge, and the cycle life of 10%DOD is much longer than that of 100%DOD. Of course, if the relative total capacity equivalent to the actual charge: 10%*1000=100100%*200=200, the latter is to fully charge and discharge better, but that in front of friends need to do some revision: under normal circumstances, you should have a reservation in accordance with the remaining battery run out of charge of the principle of charging, but if your battery is expected in you second days may not persist throughout the day, it should be timely start charging, of course, if you are willing to carry the charger to the office should be regarded as a different matter.

And you need to charge to cope with the upcoming events will lead to an important communication busy, even if there are a lot more than electricity in the battery, then you just charge ahead because you haven't really lost a "1" charge cycle life, which is 0.x times, and often the X very small.

The principle of recharging the battery's remaining amount of electricity does not require you to go to the extreme. One of the most popular arguments, like long charging, is that "try to use the battery's battery as far as possible. This is actually just a nickel battery, in order to avoid memory effects. Unfortunately, it is also on the lithium battery. Once a warning of the low power of cell phone battery, it was still not charged to continue to use an example of automatic shutdown. As a result, the mobile phone in this example had no reaction in the later charging and opening, and had to be sent to the customer service for maintenance. This is actually due to excessive discharge of the battery resulting in low voltage, so that it does not have normal charging and starting conditions.

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