When the phone USB data cable line is connected to the computer, it is only charged and can not read the data.

- Jan 06, 2018 -

When the phone data line is connected to the computer, it is only charged and can not read the data.

USB debug mode is open, computer device manager has no question mark, exclamation mark and so on. It also can't find mobile phone device. It means no other response except charging. All kinds of methods have tried, replacing system, upgrading or downgrading version is useless.

Android mobile phones or non - smart machines need to be installed on the official network to install the driver to the computer.

The installation of the mobile phone also needs to enter the mobile phone settings, about the mobile phone, clicking on the version, exhaling the developer options, entering the developer options to select and open USB debug.

Connect the USB to the back - end interface of the computer so that the phone can connect to the computer normally.

After connecting in my computer table will see the letter of mobile phone.

If it is still unable to connect, please check whether there is a fault on the data line and the tail plug of the fuselage.

Computer USB interface why the phone plug can only be charged, can not identify the U disk.

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