Which is good for the radium carving and the screen printing process?

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Which is good for the radium carving and the screen printing process?

The products of radium and screen printing are similar in appearance visual effects, but in fact there is still a lot of difference. The following is a brief introduction to their differences.

(1): the products of radium carvings, typefaces and patterns are transparent, and the products of silk screen are opaque.

2: the product of radium carving, the color of the font and pattern is the color of the material, the bottom color is the color of the ink; the product of the silk screen is exactly the opposite of the radium carving.

(3): from the wear resistance, the radium carving is higher than the screen printing

4: the principle of the two processes is different. The optical principle of radium carving is the surface treatment, and the screen printing is the physical principle, so that the ink sticks on it.

5: the price is different, but the price is judged by the difficulty of the font and pattern.

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