Why are more and more devices using the Type-C interface?

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Why are more and more devices using the Type-C interface?

At this stage, many intelligent devices use the interface of the Type-C; the most common is the apple notebook computer. At home, a lot of equipment also uses the Type-C interface. Music is the first to push the Type-C interface to the mobile phone, and millet also launches the first notebook Air configuration Type-C interface. More and more mobile and computer manufacturers have chosen the Type-C interface in the middle and high end products.

So, what are the advantages of Type-C? Let's analyze the following:

Advantage one: higher transmission speed

Speaking of high speed transmission, we must think of the lightning interface. However, due to the cost constraints, the lightning interface has not been popularized until today. The Type-C interface corresponds to the lightning interface. In theory, its transmission speed reaches 5Gbps per second, though it is faster than the latest lightning interface, but it is enough for everyday. In view of the popularity of USB, a lot of equipment will adopt the Type-C standard, and its generality will be greatly strengthened.

Advantage two: ultra thin

The direction of the development of portable digital devices, such as smart phones and computers, is the light and thin. As everyone knows, as a product of highly industrialized, intelligent mobile phone computer internal space is worth. The Type-C interface is significantly reduced in length and width compared to the old Micro USB interface. For mobile digital products, Type-C is obviously a better standard. Soon after, Type-C must be able to replace the Micro USB interface and become a new standard for digital products.

Advantage three: both positive and negative can be inserted

Since Apple introduced the Lightning interface, many consumers have had the idea that when they can use the Lightning interface, they will be able to plug in the interface.  Fortunately, the Type-C hub perfectly solves this problem, and the Type-C interface is the same as the Lightning interface. This also means that users can not have to worry about the positive and negative problems of the USB interface, very humanized.

Advantage four: charging speed

Today, battery technology has not made breakthrough, fast charging has become the best way to know the power of power. However, due to the size of the old port, the maximum output can only be 5V voltage. However, Type-C is quite different. The maximum can provide 20V voltage and 5A current output, and the maximum output power is 100W. This makes it possible for USB Type-C to take charge of most of the digital devices on the market.

Circular tapered segmentation line

Now many laptops and cell phones are Type-C interfaces, but I want to connect a mobile hard disk or other USB devices, without USB interface is a worry, so it will delay time and cause losses. So, if your home device only has the Type-C interface and you need the USB interface at the same time, then pay attention to it:

Type-C 7 hub, Type-C interface to connect your computer device, USB interface to connect to other USB devices, such as keyboard, mouse, hard disk, fan, printer, etc. Connect the external power supply to charge all of your Type-C devices.

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