Why are there 4 cores in the data line, and how many wires are there in each core?

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Why are there four cores in the data line, and how many wires are there in each core?

1.usb cable usually  is 4 core, the standard color is usually red and black and white green.

2., red and black are charging lines. White and green are data transmission lines. So the general USB2.0 data lines consist of 4 core lines, charging and data synchronization.

3. the number of copper wire for each line is uncertain, the routine is 88 copper wire, 108 copper wire, 120 copper wire and so on, the more copper wire, the more stable charge data.

4. the diameter of each copper wire is different, the conventional one is 0.08MM, and the charge current is 0.1MM for the long wire.

5. so the copper wire specifications we often see are 46*0.08*2C + 14*0.08*2C


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