Why iphone data line is always bad?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Why iphone data line is always bad?

Apple data lines are always the main reasons for the following two points:

1, no matter how good the data line can not afford bad use:

The reason why the data line of the apple is often bad is very much related to the usual usage habits of the user. When the user pulls the data line, it usually directly pulls the wire instead of pulling the plug, so the interface is easily pulled away.

Apple data line special structure, the line is relatively thin, should pay attention when using.

2, the use of frequent, replaceable data lines less:

Frequent use of Apple's data line is also a reason easily broken. Ordinary data lines cheap, there is no technical barriers that can be common to each other, so many people will have multiple data lines, usually can be used interchangeably, at home, the company will prepare a. Each frequency is greatly reduced, the service life is extended.

The Apple data line with technical barriers and patent restrictions, combined with high prices, a genuine Lightning to USB asking price 149 yuan, which makes a lot of people only one data line, the use of greatly increased frequency.


1, in order to prevent the data line is pulled broken, pre-tape part of the wire and pull the plug together, you can reduce the possibility of being torn. In addition, the data lines that have been ripped off, but can still be used, can also be wrapped with tape.

2, in the usual plug data line in the process, try to avoid pulling the wire part, so as to better protect the data line. Product usage time is proportional to the "level of care" invested.

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